About Us

Blue Print Business Solutions is your outsourced yet "internal" trusted partner taking care of your technology needs - from networks, security and servers to desktops and more.

Take your mind off IT and focus on your business!

Blu-Print Business Solutions understands that Information Technology has become an integral part of business today, that is why we values the task of keeping business's systems in good operation and up to date with the latest available tools To make a business operate more efficiently and effectively.


Blue Print Business Solution (BPBS) is a fast growing company, providing integrated solutions for design, upgrade and expansion of business networks our infrastructure solutions consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving client's business productivity by providing high quality and high performance emphasizing on new technology integration, future performance, security, flexibility, manageability and scalability..

BPBS is a division of Melli8nium (Pty) Ltd. We specializing in providing solutions in almost all verticals of IT, starting from network administration and management, Data security and storage. We also provide Software solutions, Website Design, Graphic Design, etc. BPBS offers a full range of IT support services, customized to your needs, at an affordable price. From day-to-day troubleshooting to strategic long term planning, we've got the complete solution for you.

Our highly qualified staffs are continuously trained in today's evolving standards, platforms and technologies. Our technical expertise and dedication to quality has enabled companies of all sizes to leverage the strategic, tactical and financial benefits of outsourcing their most demanding requirements to us.